Climbing the walls of financial worry!

Climbing the walls of financial worry!

Markets are at ALL time highs. Gold @ 4 month highs. Russell on Wed. up 3% to new highs, not  since March 2000 have we seen these numbers. Scary....... we know the markets climb slowly the walls of worry......always concerned for the next fundamental drop. So are we looking for the Bears to take over this Bull market? Thanks to the Eastern European conflict we could only get to within 180 points of an all time high on the DOW. Understanding and reading the markets is critical to success.

Education is the key to that success.

Weekly Quote: “There's no law against making quick profit's” - Warren Buffett  

So.....what did you expect!

So.....what did you expect!

It's the end of the month (February), it's the end of the week and on top of that we have the civil unrest in the Ukrainian. Trading the markets fundamentally or technically and understanding in what market we are in and when to switch is all part of an educational process that we teach at Learn2DayTrade.

We got the DOW at 16.272.65, Nasdaq 4318.93 and S&P 500 1854.29 ALL - all time high closes at the end of trading on Thursday. So why are we where we are at at the end of trading on Friday? To none of us who trade and follow the Learn2DayTrade program it's not a surprise and we we're looking for it and setting up to trade it when it presented it's self to us.

Trading is not easy, but with an proper education and a mentor who's always there for you with answers and support; it's doable. In trading DOABLE can translate to a small or large fortune. It can be the difference between having a retirement equal to or better than what you might ever dream of .

Whether you trade for an extra $1000 a week you could use from part-time trading or the ten's of thousands you could earn per month as a more serious trader, it's up to you.

Weekly Quote: “ A genuinely skillful trader is someone who can apply his or her knowledge of market behavior in any context, in any environment. In some situations he or she knows that certain setups and signals are genuinely useful, but in other situations he or she avoids those same setups and signals like the plague. CONTEXT: It's all about context. Stop trying to trade on signals and setups that pretend that the market context is always the same. Embrace uncertainty! Embrace ambiguity! Embrace change! “

The COMPLAINT: “It's (trading) just too hard.” ANSWER: “It's suppose to be hard, if it wasn't hard everyone would do it......the hard is what makes it great.”  

How's that retirement income PLANNING AND EDUCATION got enough?

How's that retirement income PLANNING AND EDUCATION got enough?( Please read my BLOG from the beginning)


I'm back to thinking about retirement income....maybe because I've been a commodity trader for 40 years this year and I'll be 65 years old this year...... no that's not it, the reason I'm still going strong and I'm as passionate as ever about commodity trading is because I still like to teach / mentor students in the Art & Science of Commodity Index Trading. I'm thinking more and more about it because 65% of Americans have, over the last 10 years, developed a belief that the Government should do something about the growing inequity of wealth in America. So let me get this America today the vast majority of people mostly the baby boomers think because of their failure to figure out how to a make a small or large fortune in the best free market economic system in the world today it now becomes the Governments responsibility for their sustenance and the young are responsibility for that susttenance throught a broke 'social security' system. No one ever got rich on an hourly wage.

We are in the greatest middle class stagnation of all times, and yet we continue to make the same mistakes. Why are so few willing to see the the answer(s)?

“The USA is the ONLY country to record a loss of economic freedom every year for the last (7) years years.” Source: The Heritage Foundation.

“71% of Americans said their #1 goal this year 2014 is to get a raise.” No one ever got rich on an hourly wage.

These are some of the saddest statements I have every read and studied; because I know the truth. The answer lies in EDUCATION. The lack of ambition at every level to search out a financial education is appalling to me.

“It's funny how everybody considers honesty a virtue, yet NO one wants to hear the truth.”  

As goes January so goes the Year in the Markets.

Have you heard you believe that? Here's my take: As we close the first month of the 2014 trading year with January ending at the worse sell off in that month since 2010....4 years; what does it mean? Statistically it has meant that we're looking at slow growth for the remainder of the year. My take: this year it's short lived. If we get through February with some nice growth I think we'll be fine for the rest of the year. We can make up this 4.5% - 5% loss since the start of the year. If we go to 7% sell off we're still going to be OK, but if we hit 10% total loss since the first of the year …. well that will make all the difference. The ROI on our investments could be really flat for the rest of the year if we hit 10% down and/or lower. My take: I don't think based on what I see that that's were we're headed.

So what do you do to not continue taking those losses. Let me get back on my “soap box”..... Learn2DayTrade. An education in the understanding of day trading can and will make all the difference. We can take a trade LONG or SHORT on a Commodity you like and realize an income – daily. With us averaging 5% - 30% DAILY as a ROI (Return on Investment) you can not only supplement your investment income that might be in a ROTH IRA or 401K, etc., but you can also supplement your monthly disposable income and create a sizeable 'nest egg' for your retirement years.


Here's the truth about trading. A TRADER MUST FACE AMBIGUITY AND THRIVE ON IT. How many people does that kick out.........most of them. We're a unique personality as traders, but can anyone learn how to make these types of returns which equate to $500 to $5000 of income per DAY? Absolutely ! Trading is NOT about clarity and it's not gambling. It's about knowledge (proficiency), education, patience and persistence. As many of you know I mentor / coach a few students one-on-one each year on how to successfully trade the Commodity Index Markets. I've been a trader for my own account for 40 years......I've seen a few things in my years as a trader.

Biggest concern I've seen as I work with people and as I was discussing with one of my trading students this week is that people first of all don't know where to look and find and then trust someone to teach / mentor them regarding what they need to understand.....I do that one-on-one. It is this experienced interpretation of the current market context that give me the advantage over other traders, and because there has to be a seller for every contract I buy......why are there sellers at the time I want to buy? EXPERIENCE.

If you'd like to get involved directly or just visit about the process and/or the me, via phone, email, text, FaceBook/Learn2DayTrade, Twitter@EcorpImages, LinkedIn/Learn2DayTrade and almost every other social media connection.

Weekly Quote:

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by boring preparation.” -Unknown.



Join me, call me, talk to me and let me bore you with preparation so you can achieve spectacular incomes.

Ready to throw-in-the-towel?

The bears have a firm grip on the markets thanks to poor US Corp. earning (overall) and China’s economic pull backs. In the USA we're going to be fine. Actually, we're getting stronger....slowly, but it is happening.

As a reminder to those who are new to Commodity Index Trading. We buy long as the market goes up and we sell short as the markets go down. Soooo, although a bear market isn't what we want to see for our fixed equities, 401K's, Roth IRA's, etc. We can make up any losses those account might incur by selling commodities short, but you do need to have an education, experience and be persistent to get it done.  At Learn2DayTrade we mentor / coach students, as you know, in the Art & Science of Commodity Trading.

Weekly Quotes:

“The way we see the problem is the problem.”

“There are 3 constants in life....Change, Choice & Principles.”


“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” - Stephen R. Covey.  



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