It took me a long time to become profitable. Many of you won't believe this, but the reason it took me a long time was because I'm so very conservative and I had to develop some skill sets that really worked. I cut out all the BS and learned to trade ONLY the price action. You may believe you are working hard – you may have been up for 9 hours last night testing if the strategy you just read about in a trading book are good ones. But I say you haven't really started doing the hard work yet. Until you do you will remain unprofitable. You won't find the high-probability, profitable setups you seek. To do this you must first study the market's behavior and understand it, learn how to identify the markets conditions and trends. Only after you have mastered this aspect of commodity market interpretation will you be able to work with setups and signals. It will be your understanding of the market trends that turns your setups and signals into high-probability, profitable trades. May I suggest you take advantage of every bit of information that a MENTOR can provide you. It will shorten some of your learning curve and because there is no “commodity trading” schools. Current course discounts are being offered at this time for the first time. Never has there been a better time to get involved in Commodity Index Trading.


“Sometimes there is no next time, no time-outs, no second chances. Sometimes it's now or never.” - Alan Bennett

“Don't ever let someone tell you that you can't do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can't do something themselves, they're gonna tell you that you can't do it. You want something go get it. Period.” -Will Smith (The Pursuit of Happiness - Movie)







Understand the ways and means and when we're trading fundamentally or technicality is crucial.

Trading is about being alright with ambiguity. It's about tolerating confusion. It's about sitting in discomfort and being at peace with it. It's about not having an exact script of when to trade or not to trade or what's really a high odds trade, and being alright with that. It's about exceptions to the rules. It's about contradictions. It's about uncertainty.

Traders want to make trading simple and certain. They want to reduce it to a few simple set-ups to trade with discipline. But the market is not simple. The markets are all about uncertainty, and complexity, and ambiguity. Simple set-ups could never capture that, and they can never give you a true lasting edge.

So what's the answer........stay tuned to this BLOG, better yet contact me by filling out an application...we'll talk about that and much more.


“Stop worrying about what you have to loose and start focusing on what you have to gain.” - Elljae

“Change your thoughts and you can change your world.” - Norman Vincent Peale





Those pesky bears are back and they're coming out of their winter den and they're famished.

So can you make money in the Commodity Index Markets when it seems like everything is selling off?

In the asset / stock markets sometimes people panic and sell, sell sell. As Commodity Day-Traders we just sell those who contracts that are buying, perhaps form panicking, and make money selling short and we can do it vice versa How is that possible you ask? Well it's not automatic and it does take the Three P's.......Proficiency – Knowledge , Patience & Persistence, but it is doable.

If you've ever entertained the idea of being totally financially independent and never have to punch an employers time clock again, no matter your education and/or current financial situation.....we need to talk. Fill out the potential student connection application on this my website and we'll set up a phone visit. Let's see if I'm the right mentor for you. There are three educational programs that I offer with the first two currently be offered simultaneously at a 20%+ discount. “Intro. To Commodity Day-Trading” , “Advanced Commodity Day-Trading” and a “Graduate Program to Commodity Day-Trading”.


“Sometimes it takes losing everything you thought you needed, to gain everything you ever wanted”.

“The world is waiting for you to allow your true light to shine”. -unknown.  


We're pleased to be a part of and an Educator with in order to follow my commodity index posts please login to


“The mind messes up more trades; then the mouse”.

“Trading is like a chain. You always have to work on the weakest link”.

“Trading is the ONLY business where, if you win only 60% of the time, you're the best”.

“The most important trade in trading is the next one.”

“Of all the hazards in trading, fear is the worst”.

The only way to trade successfully is with Education, Experience and the three P's..... Patience, Persistence and Proficiency.  



Bulls are walking back into the markets, slowly but it's happen. Up days in the market with some consistency....will it last? As we'd expect GOLD is down to 2.5 month lows, but watch for it to test new upper levels if the markets tanks – again. All-in-All we're doing well. Most earning reports this week are positive.....Consumer Sentiment on Friday up to highs of July 2013 levels. So how do we position ourselves.....well as Commodity Day-Traders we don't worry about the little ups and downs we trade the markets up and/or down for profits....why more people don't get that puzzles me.

AT LEARN2DAYTRADE......We're pleased to announce that in addition to being affiliated as Educational Trainers with Ninja Charts we're NOW also affiliated with as Educational Trainers. Check is out.

We've also, as of this week, combined our “Intro. To Commodity Day Trading Program” and our “Advanced Commodity Day Trading Program” two of our three programs into one program for only the most serious students and for a limited time. This is the first DISCOUNT on our program that we've offered in 10 years, because course fees benefit our foundation. There's a 20.8% discount for those students ready to get serious about Learning 2 Day Trade. I only accept 6 new students per year for my one-on-one trading programs and that's for as long as you need my assistance as your mentor. Course fees benefit our non-profit charitable medical foundation. After 40 years as a Commodity Trader it's what I can do to give back. My mentor provided instruction to me and encouragement (read my complete bio. by reading this BLOG from the beginning.) and I just want to “Pay-it-Forward”.


“Knowledge levels the playing field.”

“65% of Americans are unhappy with their job. 80% are unhappy with their income level.”

“If taught you will not believe, if seen you will not act upon.” Really is that true?


“Maybe one day I'll be what you need, but don't wait too long.....because the day you want me may be the day I finally retire.” -- unknown



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