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Learn day trading to earn an impressive full time income working only 10-15 hours a week with Jay Housley's step-by-step commodity trading system!



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This is not another home study day trading course... This is not a "get rich quick" commodity trading blueprint... This is personal, step by step, one-on-one coaching with an expert professional commodity trader who has over 43 years of day trading experience!

If you're ready to be shown step-by-step how to make money day trading in the commodities market from home, Jay Housley's proven day trading system is for you! 

Knowledge exists to trade on the ‘Right Side of the Time Line’….meaning: “the past, with the right program, can tell us the future four out of five times when it comes to market movement”. Most programs you will look at only teach and deal with the past history of the market….with only that info. you’re ‘hoping’ for results as opposed to knowing when the movements of the markets will occur. You just have to be ‘lucky’ and/or ‘wise’ enough to realize what you’ve found and make the call, send me an email  and/or fill out an application. Do that which most people will not do that can and will change your financial life. Visit: youtube.com/ecorpsf for more information from me. Student loans available: www.credit.com then click on "find a loan" , if needed. 

Positions are extremely limited and getting started is a quick and easy 2 step process.

Start Learning How To Day Trade:
  1. Click the button below and fill out the quick profile form on the next page. Jay has different day trading coaching programs for different experience levels and by filling out your profile on the next page, Jay can get a good idea of where exactly you belong within his step by step day trading system.
  2. Shortly after filling out your profile you'll receive an email from Jay so he can set up a time to visit with you and share with you what level he recommends you begin at within his commodity trading mentoring system, and also provide all the details and specifics of how the program will help you and what's involved on your part to really make this system work for you.

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What exactly will I get as one of Jay's students?

  • A personal hour long, one-on-one weekly phone session - just you and Jay - every single week until you feel you no longer need it.
  • Clear, easy to understand homework assignments that will guide you step by step from wherever you are now to becoming a successful trader, one week at a time.
  • Unlimited access to Jay via email to get questions answered quickly and to get help with your homework.
  • Access to Jay's complete formula for effective trading.
  • Your own personalized recommended trading schedule to make sure you don't waste time, and instead are maximizing returns on the time you spend trading each day....and many many more time-tested trading secrets straight from the mouth of an expert trader! 

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